Greenhouses and Custom designed structures

At Greenroots- SA we can supply standard size greenhouses based on the availability of land. Our standard structures include the following:

  • 4m Wide x 4m Long x 2,6m High – 16 sq/m
  • 4m Wide x 6m Long x 2,6m High – 24 sq/m
  • 4m Wide x 8m Long x 2,6m High – 32 sq/m
  • 4m Wide x 10m Long x 2,6m High –40 sq/m
  • 4m Wide x 12m Long x 2,6m High –48 sq/m

Greenroots-SA also has the capability to custom design and build, Greenhouses to specific requirements.

Our Greenhouses are designed to cultivate vegetables and crops in an organic process as much as possible.  The use of water, growing mediums, irrigation and fertigation are carefully planned to ensure maximum output of the crop with minimum resources.

Contact us for more information, we will be glad to assist.

Our Greenhouse Specifications

All Green Roots-SA structures have been carefully designed and tested to give our customers long-term solutions.

  • Pre-galvanized round tube ranging from 42mm up to 60mm
  • 200 micron diffused plastic
  • 20% white shade netting to cover the plastic for the longevity of plastic
  • Locking profiles and Zig Zag Inserts
  • All components are galvanized or stainless steel

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