GREENROOT-SA was established on 01 September 2018 with the vision of “Garden to Kitchen” greenhouse solutions. Natalie Meyer saw the opportunity to add value to a household’s nutrition table by offering her clients full turn-key solutions in various growing methodology.

Natalie comes with 10 years experience and knowledge in the Greenhouse industry and is an avid “Green Finger” pioneer and herbalist. She believes in her solutions, her passion and her drive gives her the upper hand to provide a great service to her clients. She believes in teaching all, especially children how to grow there own vegetables. She has 6 nieces and nephews that have followed in her footsteps and that is where her vision has come to light to start her “Garden to Kitchen Concept”.


Planning, Turnkey Projects, Design, Installations


Greenhouses and Custom designed structures

We can supply standard size greenhouses based on the availability of land. We also custom design and build, Greenhouses to specific requirements.
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Vertical Grow Walls in Greenhouses and Homes

Vertical grow gardens can be used in both commercial and urban setting. For the commercial grower, vertical gardens allowing you to optimise the space within the greenhouse and home environment
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Get Advice

Once your Greenhouse or Grow wall is set up, we will be bale to advise you on how to keep it growing well.
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We work closely with our client to formulate a detailed plan, that will achieve an optimal balance between the projects needs and available resources.

We identify the goals and objectives that need to be achieved.

We then present our recommendations that are tailored to your unique environmental aspects.

Turn Key Projects 

Supply you with the most effective and efficient growing solution with all the components ie:

Greenhouse Tunnel solution
Vertical Grow Walls
Elevated Vegetable Beds
Wall mounted grow walls
Water saving methods and products
Organic Products
Growing mediums and materials & compost
Hydroponic systems
Computerized irrigation and fertigation systems
Fogging, Cooling, Heating, Humidification and Dehumidification systems